We are  Sidsel Becker & Nønne K. We are the founders and curators of BioGrafen.

BioGrafen is a local cinema with a global network run and built solely on Exchange and Gifteconomy. It is found in a garden at Nokken in Copenhagen. In BioGrafen we MAKE, WATCH and DISCUSS cinema and art. It is a platform for special events with people from worldwide cinematic networks. Furthermore, BioGrafen is a tool for us in our work as cinematic artists.

In BioGrafen we want to cultivate a  space for sharing and exploring things we like, things we don’t understand, things that inspire us, things we are passionate about, things we want to watch in peace and quiet. On a big screen with great sound and lights out.

BioGrafen is based on Gifteconomy. That means you receive a gift, when you come here to watch a film or experience an event. It also means that everything BioGrafen is made of is gifted to the place.

In order to let the flow of Gifts reach the people who contribute to BioGrafen with content for us to enjoy, we will invite you to gift a contribution when you visit BioGrafen. Gifting is not only an interesting way of experiencing and experimenting with how we exchange value generally as human beings. It is also a way of manifesting with ”what is at hand”.

We manifested a cinema, and all the experiences that comes with it – only using what we had, and what was given to us. This is a very empowering experience, and it can literally be translated to almost any aspect of life. Furthermore, the products that springs from such a proces, always has its own unique flavour, and the openness it requires to follow through is a very desireable skill. Going with the moment, with what is at hand, and what is being given. To create art, projects, communions, even a meal with that awareness is absolutely something that needs focus and practice to master. And this is exactly what we do here at BioGrafen

In september 2016 BioGrafen introduced ProfitSharing as a part of our GiftEconomy profile, and it simply means that BioGrafen is sharing ALL of its donated profit through the Artist fond Karusel.

Karusel grants its funds annually to FilmArtists who has donated their work for events in BioGrafen. In this way, the Artists support eachother and the audience get the opportunity to support the Artists directly.

Karusel takes its name from the summerhouse of worldfamous FilmArtist Asta Nielsen. A place where Artists gathered  in the 20ties and 30ties of the 20th century. In BioGrafen the exchange of social and experiental value is also of the very highest calibre and in a constant and increasing flow.

We are located at HF Nokken, Forgaden 8, 2300 Kbh S. Denmark. Contact here or on nrosenring@gmail.com

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