BioGrafen is a local cinema with a global network. In BioGrafen we MAKE, WATCH and DISCUSS cinema, movies and art. It is a platform for special events with people from worldwide cinematic networks.

Our hope was that the creation of BioGrafen as an alternative space to meet and watch movies, would inspire many forms of cinemas and spaces for watching and appreciating films in all its varieties.

We are thrilled to see that since BioGrafen was opened in February 2015 many new initiatives for smaller and larger spaces for watching films has flourished, and we know more are on the way.

We manifested a cinema, and all the experiences that comes with it – only using what we had, and what was given to us. This is a very empowering experience, and it can literally be translated to almost any aspect of life.

The products that springs from such a process always has its own unique flavour, and the openness it requires to follow through is a very desireable skill. Going with the moment, with what is at hand, and what is being given. To create art, projects, communions, even a meal with that awareness is absolutely something that needs focus and practice to master.


For the time being, BioGrafen is in hypernation and in a transition into a different type of platform. We will post news of the process as it comes along.

We would therefor like to invite you to Remember to watch, appreciate and give value to good  films and the people that create them! They are out there, sharing their wisdom 🙂