Inspiration and Hybernation

Just Reminding you

We are  Sidsel Becker & Nønne K. We are the founders and curators of BioGrafen.

BioGrafen is a local cinema with a global network. In BioGrafen we MAKE, WATCH and DISCUSS cinema, movies and art.

During 2014 we manifested a cinema and all the experiences that comes with it – only using what we had, and what was given to us. This was a very empowering experience, and we found that it can literally be translated to almost any aspect of life.

The products that springs from such a proces, also tends to get their own unique flavour, and the openness it requires to follow through is a very desireable skill. Going with the moment with what is at hand, and what is being given.

Being in the NOW.

To create art, projects, communions, even a meal with that awareness is absolutely something that needs focus and practice to master.

This is old knowledge, but we believe it is as relevant as ever.

Our hope was that the creation of BioGrafen as an alternative space to meet and watch movies, would inspire many forms of cinemas and spaces for watching and appreciating films in all its varieties.

We are thrilled to see that since BioGrafen was opened in February 2015 many new initiatives for smaller and larger spaces for watching films has appeared, and we know more are on the way. All very different – the variation and diversity is amazing!

It is always an honor and a true blessing to be initiators and inspirators. This is, and has been, a very fulfilling and true experience of SUCCESS for us ❤ Thank you to all of you that has given your love, time, attention, values and blessings to make it happen. You all share a part of this SUCCESS as well 🙂


We are both currently (October 2017) working full time with larger film projects, so for the time being BioGrafen is in hybernation. BioGrafen is also in a transition into a different type of platform on a new location in a new context. We will post news of this process as it comes along, exited to share it with you.

We would therefor like to invite you in the meantime to Remember to watch, appreciate and give value to good  films and the people that create them! They are out there – sharing their wisdom :-).



About “Future” – the second event of the “Foundation” season.

On the 22nd of June BioGrafen was stuffed to the brim – 11 people aged 4-5 and 3 people in their late thirties. BioGrafen was hosting the event “Future”, and the seats had been booked for almost six months. It was a massive success.

We had chosen a film in feature lenght – eventhough the adult caretakers of the children had said, that usually the attention span of the group, when watching films, was maximum 20 minutes. That´s no problem, we said, thay can just play in the garden then, untill evrybody has finished

We had chosen a film with a very slow pace, with a very realistic and concrete experience of time.

We had chosen a film with many scenes that had nothing directly to do with the plot, but was just observations. Of nature. A frog. Rain. Forest.

It was a film with and for children – and it was about life and death and fear and love and hope. And magic. Of nature. It is a very real film.

No one left the cinema – not even to go pee. Evrybody stayed in there for the entire 90 minutes – and after that they all came out, singing the theme song, looking for the characters that lives in the forest in our garden and wild forest around.

A few weeks ago we spoke to a child pshyciatrist about children and mediaconsumption. She said something interesting – that children of this generation seems to loose the ability to watch and understand long shots (in danish “totalbilleder”). They get so used to having evrything explained to them in close ups and with music that dictates evry emotion.

They also get used to changing the story they watch if it gets boring to them for 3 seconds.

She argues that this is a loss. That it takes exposure to learn something. After talking to her, our event with the headline “Future” made even more sense. Of course. It will be wonderfull, also in the future, to have audiences that appriciate things that require attention. Patience. The use of all your senses. Time.

We screened Hayao Miyazaki  and Studio Ghiblis masterpiece from 1988 “My neighbour Totoro”.

Still this film has not aged a day. And to us it points to important clues of what will be, and already is, dramatically necessary for the survival of humans generally.

Laying the Foundation of the Future.

Thank you for take off Season 2017, Foundation – First things First.

BioGrafen opened this season, ”Foundation” with an intense and eye opening event on the 17th of May – ”First things First” was the headline. The audience all braught shortfilms from their own archives, which was very generous and appriciated. If ever an interactive cinema experience was to happen – this was a first step

Watching these early works was indeed refreshing. One filmmaker felt surprised by and  very happy with a shortfilm made 14 years ago, and the audience agreed with the quality of the work. The filmmaker imidiately got inspired to continue on a forgotten path and was noticably empowered by being reminded of the foundation she actually stood on, but had somehow forgotten about, or maybe just didn´t pay any attention to or hadn´t given proper credit.

Another was confronted with a certain cinematographic style in and old videopiece, that became very clear to everyone, in an interesting comparison with a contemporary work. Connecting these early filmworks with the projects people where going through today, brought up an incredible attention to and awareness of the personal artistique voice.

So this season took of with uplifted inspiration from the past and we look very much forward to the next event in June where the headline is Future. Laying Foundation for the Future. The event is already fully booked, but we will of course give you information about what goes on here on the blog anyway, or let you know if a seat becomes available at the last minute.

First things First – event 17th May 2017

SO! – The first event of this season in BioGrafen with the headline Foundation is called ”First things first”.


We have often had conversations about the early works of some of the FilmArtists and Directors that we admire. The first steps they took with the filmmedium, and how that reflects into the work they did later on. Same with our own archives – looking into the ”soil” of the work we have made over the years is often not only interesting but also deeply inspirering. Sometimes there is gold to be found in the early works, gold that is still valid, and for sure is the foundation of what is going on in our work today.


We have also often discussed the idea of ”new”. The idea that ”new” is supposedly always ”best” – or that old definately is not. Yesterdays news is boring and – yeah old.

But what if that idea really is just an idea? Maybe its even a bad idea? To constantly disregard and forget what came before…

We would like to honour the early work. The babysteps and innocent first tryings. It seems obvious that all great masterpieces stands on top of mountains of other work, ones own work and others, but it isn´t always obvious to everyone.

That is what this event is about.

So on ”First things first” night we will be screening early work, shortfilms, from our own archive – and if you wish to be part of this event, you will have to bring some early short work yourself to present to the audience. It doesn´t have to be your own work. You can bring David Lynchs first short film if you like (it´s available on youtube) – or any other early short filmwork that you find is important to the present. Maximum lenght is 15 minutes.


To participate you have to contact us on mail or and let us know what you would like to show and how long it is.


There will as always be bonfire before and after the show where evrybody is invited to hang out, and we will make hot tea. If you feel like it you are of course welcome to bring drink/food/snacks for the common table for evryone to share.

It goes down 17th of May at 19.30 till the last guest has left the site.


Halleluja spring is here and we are warming up for the next season in BioGrafen. For this season we have decided to look in to our Foundation. Not the make up kind – the kind of foundation that we build on, both literally and in a more philosopfical sense: What is the base of it all? Where does it spring from, what does it stand on?

And also we really like the letter F.

Therefore the headlines of the three screenings this season, revolving around the theme of Foundation, is:

”First things First” – may screening

”Future” – june screening

”Food and Friends” –  july summerbreak screening

The upcoming screening in may ”First things First” will be partly interactive in the sense that the audience will have to bring a short film for the program themselves. We will be back with more detailed info on the event two weeks in advance.

A red carpet for Asta – last event of 2016

On 1st of december we will light the bonfire and turn on the projector for the last time this year. It has been a fabulous season with strong artistic cinematic voices this fall in BioGrafen, and we are very happy and proud to welcome Eva Tind and her film “A Red carpet for Asta Nielsen” to complete the strong program of 2016.

Follow this link for booking

When the author and visual artist Eva Tind moves by chance into the house where Asta Nielsen was born and discovers that Die Asta shared not only a name but also a birthday with Tind’s own mother, she decides to seek out the traces that Nielsen left behind. She interviews a series of prominent film people, including the German film curator Karola Gramann, who describes Nielsen as an actress who infused her films with an extreme physical sensuality. It is precisely this strong physical presence, of Die Asta and the other people who appear in the documentary, that characterizes the personal film essay A Red Carpet for Asta Nielsen. Using her camera as her pen, Tind conjures Nielsen into being once more – in images, words and the rooms where Nielsen lived.

The Danish actress Asta Nielsen (b. 1881) was the highest-paid silent film star in Europe from 1910 to 1920, just as big a star as Charlie Chaplin. Known as Die Asta, she appeared in more than 70 German movies while living in Berlin. Her dramatic gestures and mimicry enchanted movie fans around the world. Even Adolf Hitler was a fan of Die Asta, but Nielsen was no fan of Hitler’s – which is why she moved back to Denmark in the ’30s. There, despite her international fame, she found doors closed to her. Why didn’t the Danish movie industry welcome her with open arms? How did such a remarkable film pioneer and global celebrity slip into obscurity? Now more than ever this question is highly relevant, considering the current debate about the lack of female representation in the film industry generally.

Eva Tind was born in 1974 in Pusan, South Korea, and came to Denmark as a 1-year-old. She received a degree from the School of Architecture at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2001. With her writings as the focal point, she works across genres and media. Identity and the sense of belonging are constant themes in her work. She debuted as an author in 2009 and has received several prizes and grants, including the Klaus Rifbjerg Debutant Prize for Poetry from the Danish Academy, and the Danish Art Foundation’s Three-Year Work Grant in 2014. Her most recent publication is the biographical work Astas Skygge [Asta’s Shadow], which forms the basis for the film essay A Red Carpet for Asta Nielsen (2016).

We are looking very much forward to this event, diving into the story and life of Die Asta seen through the eyes of Eva Tind. Eva will be present to talk to the audience after the screening.

Nomad´s Museum – October Screening

For the first time BioGrafen will host a screening that has come about through some of our international network. On 30th of October at 20 o´clock we are welcoming Papay Gyro Night´s Nomads Museum.

Papay Gyro Nights Arts Festival has originated from the folklore, traditions and landscape of Papay – a small and remote island in the north atlantic. It takes place around the first moon of february. Since 2011 Papay Gyro Nights had 6 editions in Papay, 5 editions in Hong Kong and touring and exchange programs in Europe. It generates exchanges of ideas between artists – new productions, art archive and collection.

”The Nomad´s Museum” was launched this year. It is a journey to present the Gyro Nights Collection, to meet new artists and art projects and to create new collaborations for the future. BioGrafen will be the second stop on The Nomad´s Museum tour around Europe. Before coming here the films was screened in Berlin, and will be going to London and Paris.
For the program screened in BioGrafen the artists and works of the program are:

Takashi Makino, ”Ghosts of OT301” (Japan)

Katrin Olafsdottir ”In death I softly sing” (Iceland)

Rikke Benborg ”I bring sleep” (Denmark)

More information on the artists and the work here

We are very exited to be part of this unique journey, and look forward to welcoming the artists and the audience for this exclusive event. For booking follow this link